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don't know what to do?

My husband still dose not know if he wants to have the second lot of chemotherapy or not? he is still worried about chest infection because as I said before he dose not want to go into hospital, but he feels that the last chemotherapy did help him with the pain while he was having the first lot of chemo the pain stop and this lasted for around 3 months after, he feels if he did have the second lot of chemotherapy would it help again with the pain? but is it worth having chemotherapy or not just for the pain? can anyone help

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hello Carol

This is a difficult decision for both of you I would imagine. Part of the difficulty comes from not being able to predict exactly how your husband will react to treatment. Some background information is available in our chemotherapy information here, documents.roycastle.org/AYQ/ .

not sure if any members have been through this treatment, if so I am sure they can share some useful hints on reducing side effects. It may be worthwhile for your husband and you to talk to your Lung Cancer Nurse on how best to manage this choice, what other pain management options may be available.

best wishes

Lorraine on behalf of the Information & Support Team


Hi Carol, I'm sorry that I don't have any medical knowledge to advise you but just wanted to show my support in replying to you. What chemo did your husband have first time round? I don't really understand how the chemo stopped the pain, surely he would be better on pain management medication. I think you need to speak to his oncologist or as Lorraine suggests a support team nurse. Everyone reacts differently to chemo and people can only advise on their own experiences which might not be beneficial to anyone else. I hope you find the answers you are looking for. Moni x


Carol, I am so sorry but I hadn't read your previous posts, please excuse what I call my chemo brain. I don't know about the drug so am unable to comment but am thinking about you and your husband. Moni x


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