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Onartuzumab and *Gefintinib(Tarceva) /placebo trial *Sorry for error this should be Erlotinib not Gefintinib

Good morning everyone, hope you are all enjoying our long overdue sunshine.

My husband, Brian, is under Guy's hospital,has just been taken off one trial and has been given information about the above. We are to see his oncologist tomorrow.

I wonder whether anyone else has knowledge/advice etc of this trial.

Many thanks

Sandra x

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I don't have any knowledge of the above trial I am afraid but I can tell you that getfitinib is normally known as Iressa. It is a drug shown to have beneficial effects on a particular type of lung cancer, you don't say which type your husband has. It is normally used in conjunction with people who have non small cell lung cancer and who are also EGFR+(this is a mutation that has occurred in the lung at some point). It may be that they are trialling it's use in other forms of lung cancer I don't know and as I said you don't say what form your husband has. Whatever the case I wish him well on the trial and we have to remember ever break through occurred with somebody under going a trial so best of luck



Hi Joe

Thank you for your reply. I have amended the getfitinib to erlotinib which is also known as Tarceva.(my error- don't know why I typed that)

Brian has NSCLN EGFR wild type, not sure what wild type means but he was not suitable for gerfitinib.

Best wishes



Hi all

I have stage 4 lung cancer and started on irressa, last January and all side affect have gone, and I am doing ok, as my tummer has shrunk by half.


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