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What is the next step?

Hello to all of you

I had my first scan after three first months on Iressa and i was happy to see that my tumor is smaller by 2/3 .

I visited my doctor and asked him, if i could be operated and he doesnt agree , he says its not needed,

I would like to ask you, if you had similar experience,and what happens if Iressa just stops working, what is the next step?

Thank you all for reading my question

Take care

I hope you are all well

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Hi Kaitoula, I don't have specific knowledge of Iressa but someone like Georgia1 will give you some help. Perhaps your tumour is located in an awkward place for operating on. You should ask him why he doesn't think it is necessary. The fact that it has shrunk so much is great news and I hope that this progress continues.

Good Luck



Thank you Rabbie for answering

Take care


Hi there. My tumour was inoperable due to its location, so that's not necessarily anything to worry about. As Rabbie said though, ask the doctor WHY. Also speak with your CNS and they will give you best advice.

Best wishes, Bill


Dear Billculbard,

I will see my doctor on Monday as well as 2 surgeons,and i will get my answers

Take care


I was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer last July and I was put on Iressa. I had a great response to it with very few side effects and though it shrunk considerably I was still told that an operation was not possible. Unfortunately it stopped working in January and I am now on IV chemo. There are quite a few people who have been on it a lot longer than I was and it is still working for them so I hope that this remains the same for you.

The thing is that now there are different treatments coming along all the time - I think other options for me when the chemo stops working are Tarceva & Afatinib (a new drug only available from specialist cancer centres like Christies)

All the best

Sue xx


Dear Sue

Thank you so much for the information.

I have never heard anything about Afatinib,and from what i suppose i cannot find it in Greece.

As for Tarceva,from what i know its the same drug as Iressa,but from a different company,and that is why it has a different name.

How are you coping with the chemo? I really hope its going to work for you.

I really dont know what to expect from Iressa or whatever....i only know that i have severe side effects from it, on my skin, and according to my doctors its working fine.

I guess i am starting to be afraid from what the future holds back.

Thank you so much for answering my question.

Take care

Kate xxxxx


Iressa and Tarceva are different drugs but they are both what are called targeted therapies. AsIiressa has stopped working I cannot use that again but apparently after I have had the IV chemo I can try the Tarceva which works in the same way as the Iressa.

There is lots of information on the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation website about the different treatments.

Sue xx


Hello again

Thank you for the new information

i wish you the best

Kate xxxx


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