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great results with iressa

hi everyone

just wanted to share our good news.

nan has stage 4 nsclc which is not curable and without treatment she had 6 months to live.

nan started iressa for palative care and to hopefully extend life expectancy.

so we was delighted yesterday to be told that after 11 weeks on iressa nan's tumours have shrunk by

a third and the plural infusion on the lung has decreased by two thirds.

love and best wishes to all

nancy xx

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Hi Nancy

Excellent news. Always good to hear stories like this. :)

Best wishes, Bill

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Wonderful, uplifting news Nancy.

Lots of love to you and your Nan.xx

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Thats great news.

I hope that others may read your update and gain comfort from it.

Best Wishes,



Great news Nancy, Iressa is a wonder drug. I'm now 18 months and still doing well on it

lyn x

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Hi Nancy,

I love to read all the good news stories I see on this site as it helps not only me but a lot of others.

So thank you.

I am on Iressa and have been since 6th August, I have stage 4 nsclc in operable in both lungs plus others doted around including on my Pericarditis. I don't know how I am doing as I still have to wait till I get a scan done, I am hoping they will give me one in November as it will be 3 months then.

I have always been positive that I will be alright.

Good luck and God Bless to everyone. X


So glad to hear your good news.

I too am on Iressa and am feeling well and getting good results. It really does appear to be an amazing drug.

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Hi Nancy, I to have lung cancer in a few lymph nodes and would be interested in trying iressa , where can I buy it ? Great news about your Nan

Regards& best wishes,



hi margaret

nan was prescribed iressa (gefitinib) by her oncologist after testing positive for the

EGFR gene.

best wishes

nancy x


Hi Nancy, thanks for your reply , I have misunderstood this treatment , I often read articles about alternative therapys and assumed this was one. I have finished my chemo and will get a chest X-ray in December , hopefully the tumours will not have grown any more. I read a very interesting full page article in the Sunday post ( October 14th ) don't know if you get Sunday post if not you will get it on google, anyway professor Dario Alessie of Dundee University has been testing the drug metformin which is given to treat diabetics and he thinks that this drug could be used as a treatment / cure for cancer the only problem is of course lack of funds as usual . My dad who used to be a chronic smoker up until 30 years ago has been on metformin for 25 or so years for his diabetis he is 92 years old , he is one of the lucky ones or has it been the metformin ???

Best wishes to you and nan ,



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