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Fantastic News but not Cancer related!

My son and daughter in law who live in London gave birth to their son yesterday morning he came into the world at 8:13 am. and he weighed 8lb. He is healthy. Me and my husband are very happy to be his grandparents. He is gorgeous. So go away lung cancer I definately got a very good reason to kick cancer for good!

Keep positive and live strong everyone xxx

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Aww congratulations to you all. What a wonderful gift for your family xx


Congratulations to you all!! Wonderful news. My baby niece has been our ray of sunshine throughout my mum's cancer fight. Your grandson will be your ray of sunshine :) x


Congratulations - lovely news. :)



Congratulations to you all

Sue xx


Thank you so much everyone. Georgie xxx


Congratulations, its a huge boost when recieve such lovely news like this xx


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