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Docetaxel with Nintedanib , how nasty is this .

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I have I have had the results back from the BLU blood test and I am suitable. I was so happy until I was told that I now have to wait for a slot and that seems to be unlikely. I have been taken off Tagrisso so with nothing at the moment. Very scary. At the meeting with a Marsden doctor the were sort of saying that all I could do was to cross my fingers. They didn't seem to hold out much hope for BLU. I should point out that I dont have insurance. Always relied on the National Health, a bit of a mistake.

At a follow on meeting I was told about 2 other options. The first, Trastuzunab deruxtecan is only available privately and the cost is prohibitive at £117,875.55 for a course. The second is Docetaxel with Nintedanib which I have been told is very unpleasant but really my only choice. The doctor seemed to be strongly against me having the unpleasant option and said it probably wont extend my life. But I am not prepared to give up. I want to live.

Please if anyone has had the Docetaxel and Nintedanib could you let me know about it. My daughter had it and reacted so very badly even as they were giving it too her. After two rounds they took her off it. And she was young and fit. But if BLU doesn't come through in time I have only this option. Thank you

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hi, Sally. I’m so sorry to hear this. Medical care is a basic human right, in my opinion, and I’m so sorry you may be facing this decision. I don’t have experience with these drugs but wanted to tell you i will be Saying a prayer for you.

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Thank you Jennifer and God bless you. I believe that prayer is very powerful.

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