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The power of love

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My first post!

I was first diagnosed last year February with stage 3B. Not fun. But after 30 radiation treatments and 8 chemo sessions it had shrunk to the point where the docs were satisfied that it was probably dead and we could proceed into an "scan, wait and see " mode.

I tolerated chemo and radiation very well that first time around. However afterwards, I got hit with a severe case of pneumonitis that required 3 treatment rounds of steroids to kick. That was tougher than the cancer treatment.

Just when I thought I was out of the woods along comes multiple bouts of pneumonia requiring several rounds of antibiotics and more than one trip to the emergency room.

Here I am now on Thanksgiving on a break from chemo and building up my strength for a cryoablation procedure. Yes, the cancer started growing again.

The break is of necessity. It's either that or a blood transfusion. I have not tolerated the chemo very well this time around. In fact, I'm now using a walker to give me stability as I easily get dizzy from weakness. The walker and the shower chair were something I struggled to accept. Vanity is one of those things that'll get in the way of progress if you let it. I'm proud of myself now how I openly show off my little bald head and go for the assistance equipment whenever needed.

I'm digging deep, staying as positive as I can and finding a reason to feel blessed every day. I'm surrounded by loving friends, neighbors, family and a tireless spouse who constantly reminds me of my strength and works himself to the bone to keep this household and his job going. My children and grandchildren are a constant reminder of why I am so proud of each of them. I am blessed. My daily prayers are for strength and grace and blessings for all.

Although Turkey day is a little different this year, it's wonderful to be alive. My 20 year old grandson will be our only guest. Everyone else is sick with one ailment or the other. He'll be leaving work 2 hours away and rushing over to cook grandma his famous rib-eye roast with all the fix-ins. How could I not keep fighting if only just to spend more days with him and everyone else I love?

May you all find the strength to keep on keeping it on. Don't ever underestimate yourself and the power that love can provide.

Happy Thanksgiving.

8 Replies
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Happy Thanksgiving to you as you enjoy your grandson's loving company & prime roast!!!

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Thanks for sharing your roller coaster of a journey with lung cancer - and other nasty infections - you've certainly had your fair share of digging deep... enjoy your thanksgiving with your grandson and look forward to better times to come with those you love....

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How wonderful to have a grandson that thoughtful. You’ve had quite the year since your diagnosis and I send hope that things go smooth from here.

During the course of my treatment 13 years ago, I had trouble building my blood count back to normal. The first time they gave me a week then tested again. It was still low so they gave me a transfusion. Within 24 hours, I felt so much better and treatment resumed. After my next two chemo sessions I required them again. I was on Cisplatin and etopicide). Each time I had the transfusion I felt stronger and better.

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Barbara36 in reply to Denzie

My doctor is worried about giving me a transfusion. "It's not without risks. Even death." So the break is the way we went. It's so hard to navigate all this sometimes. Glad you are better.

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happy thanksgiving you have been through a lot stay posative even in darkest times you will

Get stronger sending hugs ❤️❤️

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Hi Barbara,

You inspire me to count my blessings and be grateful. Happy Holidays to you. I love how you are living and loving despite cancer. We are so much more than the cancer that may be in us. In my prayers. Sending love and light and healing your way💕🙏🌸

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Thank you. So are you!

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Thank you for sharing your story. I'm so sorry for your struggles and I wish you love and comfort.

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