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I completed round one out of three of Carbo and gemzar (gemcitabine and went to do the last weekly dose of that round and they pulled my labs and ran me to hospital missing to units of blood and platelets dropped from 318 to 15? I was shocked, the admitted me overnight for blood transfusion and platelet transfusion and then released me and told me the chemo side effects consist of this! I’m worried and scheduled to see my Doctors assistant via phone Wednesday and I’m scheduled for round two the 30th. Does this all sound normal?

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Yes, chemo works because it kills the fast growing cells. In addition to the cancer cells that includes the blood cell producing bone marrow, hair, cilia, and tastebuds. The effect on the blood cell production is the reason we are so susceptible to infections.

During the course of my chemotherapy I required transfusions after each of my last three infusions. My doctor postponed the chemo two times to see if my blood counts would recover on their own and then after the last one to make sure no infection set in.

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Thanks so much, chest X-ray did mention the mad was smaller so I’m glad round one did shrink it a tad!! Thanks again

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That’s wonderful news! It put a smile on my face to start the day.

When I was getting chemo, at one point my white cell dropped so low I needed a transfusion.

Chemo kills cancer cells, but it can also kill healthy cells.

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unfortunately, yes! Downside of chemo

On round 2 of carbo and gensadeen what if my platelets drop again will I die? Will they catch it, I’m afraid to continue with chemo

They will monitor you very carefully-

You may need further care or


Please talk to your Oncologist ti get all options.

Best wishes ❤

I know I sound like a drama queen but my platelets dropped from normal 318 to 15, needless to say I’m afraid but the DR PA told me they will pull labs and watch me so I need to get a grip and do this, tumor did decrease per a X-ray of the chest when I was hospitalized so at least it’s working!!!

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