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Almost done with chemo radiation treatment

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Hello Friends,

I finished second round of chemo last Monday. 2 more radiation treatments to upper left lung and lymph nodes .

Having much pain in swallowing and strong discomfort in heart area. I will call my doctor today but wanted to reach out to my cancer survivor Friends. 💕

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Hi Beepers7,

Ask you doctor for a prescription of Magic Mouthwash. You will swallow this a few minutes before eating soft foods. It was a lifesaver for me. Best wishes!

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I found that chemo caused me heartburn. Some days I feel it some days it was invisible. My doctor had me take omeprazole and it made a huge difference. Do ask your dr if you can take it. And the magic mouthwash is good. More when I have some time.

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Thanks Denzie❤️

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In addition to the magic mouthwash I ate a lot of soft, easy to swallow things. Buttered rice or noodles, applesauce, yogurt, smoothies, cream soups, oatmeal, cream of wheat, scrambled eggs, jello, fruit cups, pudding, juice bars, ice cream, and milk shakes (made with Boost) were some of the things that got me through.

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I got the magic mouth wash, but no help. Everything from water to protein drinks hurt with every swallow and continue to cause pain afterwards. Not sure what I’ll do. I know I need nourishment. Hopefully it subsides tomorrow. Thanks for checking back in💕

Could some of your pain in swallowing be due to thrush as a side effect of the steroids they use to reduce chemo side effects? This happened to me- from the back of my tongue and partway down my throat. I needed to use a strong compounded lidocaine gargle. Hopes for a rapid amelioration of your pains.

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Thanks for the advice. Nice to know we’re not alone in this battle 💕

I had this too . The hospital made up raspberry mucilage for me (you swallow it 15 mins before eating and it really helps .)

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Thank you. I will talk to my Radiation doctor today about something stronger ❤️


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