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Radiation treatment for SCLC

My father has been dx with SCLC in Jan. Already had 3 cycles of carbo + etoposide + tecentriq (immunotherapy) with fairly good response, now his radiation oncology is planning to start radiation treatment on left over lesion along with 3 cycle of above regime. Can anyone tell which radiation therapy (IGRT, IMRT, PROTON THERAPY) is better and has less side effects for SCLC patient?

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It’s excellent that you have three options. Also excellent that his cancer has shrunk enough that these three are even options. All three of them are preferred over traditional radiation when the lesion is small enough. Each of them is done with the intent to reduce damage to the surrounding area.

Of the three I would opt for the image guided radiation therapy. My reasoning being that it adjusts best for breathing during treatment. Nothing more, nothing less. All three are effective.


Thanks Denize for prompt reply

Although lesion size is still around 6cm but they are planning to go ahead with IGRT with curative intent.


Best hopes! When does radiation start?


Already had 3 sessions of IGRT.. total of 31 sessions planned..keeping him well hydrated and stuffed up with antioxidants all day..

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