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Toxin risk in radiation

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Has anyone had this experience? I'm new here. My last scan showed that the lung tumor grew about 15% and he and my oncologist talked about giving me five rounds of intense radiation to shrink it. My radiologist said study just came out about the high risks with intense radiation so he suggested to give me gentler doses with less risk but might not be as effective for long term. My other tumors in my brain, bones and lymphs shrunk or are stable on Tagrisso. I feel pretty strong so I asked if I could wait 6 weeks, after a vacation. It's not growing so fast.

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Hi and welcome!! I went through something similar but instead of the spread out doses of radiation mine was all in one dose. It did kill the tumor. However, since I had breast cancer in both breasts and was given in total 78 previous doses of radiation to the chest area I was recently told that I have received too much radiation and am now dealing with the aftermath. I would go with what the oncologist suggests - it sounds like he is far more on top of things than the oncologist I had - whom I fired after finding out I had too much radiation.

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Oh dear. Thank you for sharing this. I heard there are specific food that will help. Like miso. After e US bombed Japan the folks who,ate miso recovered better.

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Welcome and Hello! I received 5 rounds of SBRT in January to my primary tumor. We went for the more powerful SBRT to get a longer response. My 9 mm, right upper lobe tumor sits close to the chest wall and I was well informed of the possible side effects (pain, fibrosis, bone weakness). So far so good even though the most recent scan shows a small amount of fibrosis and effusion caused by radiation. The effusion is resolving but I’m told the fibrosis could be permanent. This is the only radiation therapy I’ve had to date. All other metastasis (lymph and pleura) resolved when I was on Taxotere and Cyramza.

Good luck with your decision.

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Thank you Peg. I think I will go with the lower dose to slow it down. I still have time to research the difference between higher and lower doses. I'm going for quality of life not quantity. Although my sweet daughter wants it different. And my husband. Your journey is inspiring. I'm 72 and a bit tired.

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I understand and support your decision completely. I admire your self awareness and I wish you all the best. Please check in often and let us know how you are doing.

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