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Tarceva Hair

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Has anyone figured out how to straighten your Tarceva hair? Ive tried lots of things but still my hair is so kinky. I used to have thin straight hair and now its short and kinky. My son is getting married in a few weeks andI need some help to get my hair picture ready if thats even possible. If you have any tricks or products thats really work please share!

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I keep my hair short to keep kinkyness less noticeable. I did find that after a few years the curls went to more waves. I use a lot of setting gel too. I just work around it and my hairdresser does a great job keeping it short. I go every month for a trim to control the frizz. I also hi light my hair which also helps feel waves down on top of my head. Hope this helps! I will be on Tarceva rest of my life so getting used to hair problem.

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Thanks, trying to grow my hair long again but short might be the only think that will work.

I didn't take Tarceva but mine grew back dark and super curly from straight ling blonde hair. It really freaked me out. It's been a couple of years since chemo and while it's still curly it's not as bad as it gets longer. I hope you find a solution and share with us all. Enjoy the wedding!

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A friend of mine went to a stylist who specializes in African American clientele. Look for someone who has lots of experience healing over processed hair. My friend’s hair is softer than it’s been and has some bounce and body back. Hope this helps.

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