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Yesterday was my 10th PET/CT in 2+ years!

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Today I saw my doc to go over scans and have treatment. Happy to report that all remains stable, no avid SUV uptake noted anywhere and primary node/scar down to 9.7 mm - it continues to shrink. Blood tests all good, but my CA 19-9 rose to just outside normal. This is the marker that fluctuates for me. Up then down and repeat. It was noted that a very small 5 mm spot was detected next to primary. Too small to get a reading on PET so we will watch tumor markers to see if they continue to rise. If they do, will have another CT in 8 weeks. I had my 24th Cyramza infusion today and will stick with this plan for now. Doc and I feel confident that there is nothing to worry about.

Back to the #1 job at and loving my life! 💓

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Yeah, Peg! Overall a good report. I send hope that the 5mm bugger is a reaction to allergens or similar. I’ll be watching for an update.

God Bless🙏

Great to hear!

I'm happy for you keep it up. Love susie

Congrats! Life is good!

YAY, Peg!! It is nice to hear a good report - you deserve it!

So awesome !!! Such fanstastif news !!

Good for you Peg! We share in your hope and happiness.

That’s what we all want to hear! Great news!!

That’s good news. Congrats! God bless!

I hope the 5 mm spot shrinks down to nothing.

What is your stage cause they pulled a lil cancer out of my brain and radiate the emptiness and then I wait till it spreads again

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PegD in reply to Lovey1000

I was diagnosed stage 4. No mets outside the R lung cavity. Metastasis to pleura has resolved as well as lymph involvement. I hope you continue to do well with radiation and they can keep those mets at bay.

Hooray Peg! So glad you had such good news.


Yay! Let’s have a good news party lol. No one ever throws a party for a good scan but I think we need to start. Even if it’s an online party. These things should be celebrated! It’s no easy task living with lung cancer ...especially since there’s no one wearing white ribbons and cleats in the NFL like they do with breast cancer 🙄. Not that I’m saying the breast cancer cause isn’t important. It absolutely is...but the number one cancer killer is lung cancer killing more people than breast, colon and prostate cancer COMBINED. We get a bad rap because everyone assumes we’ve all done this to ourselves by smoking. So not true. I met a nurse a few weeks ago who’s 23 year old non smoking daughter was just diagnosed with stage 4 LC. It can happen to anyone and fighting it is like climbing up a mountain with someone throwing snowballs at your face. Because most lung cancers are incurable, our only goal is to live “longer” than what they’re expecting. I guess I just get a little tired of all the “pink” when there are other cancer fighters out there who could use a little encouragement. Anyway, I rambled enough. Congratulations on your good news and I know they good news will keep on coming. Be well!

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I agree wit you about the stable celebration. My husband just got a stable scan after 5 years of Proton, Opdivo, chemo, Keytruda, and chemo with scans/Ct and Pet always reporting some sort of change in shape or size. Two weeks ago the Ct scan showed him stable after taking 3 months of Opdivo again. He had some difficulties after taking the Opdivo the first time several years ago when it was given every two weeks. So it was discontinued. Now after chemo again and Keytruda not working, they decided to try Opdivo again. It is now given once a month and he is experiencing the intestional difficulties, but living with it. He feel pretty good otherwise after having 14 days full brain radiation. The tumor is stable. We will take it!

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ynkefan08753 in reply to GMC1

Good for him! See? We need to celebrate these things!! These are huge milestones for us that wouldn’t have happened a few years ago. Most of us should be dead and we’re not so....parties for everyone! I told my husband that I want an 80’s party for my 50th birthday. It’ll be next December (not this one coming up but the year after) and as long as I’m not sick or in the hospital...I want a party. Haven’t had one since I was 10. I want everyone dressed in 80’s gear and nothing but 80’s music. The clothes were atrocious but the music was the BEST! I’m hoping my brother can pull some strings and get Jon Bonjovi to stop by. They’re former neighbors. That would make my day. Hell, that would make my life lol.

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Sounds like fun!! Always important to plan fun things ahead, looking forward and finding reasons to wake up. I'm planning a fishing trip for him in April. He is now motivated to go to respitory therapy and try to get off oxygen and his balance back. Glad he tried Opdivo again.

You keep on living, girl! The more of us who do will help the horrible statistics for our cancer become a thing of the past. Survival is the name of the game and the cure is the grand prize.

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