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Finished 2 years on Keytruda

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Has anyone else done the two years on Keytruda and come off of it and still feeling good. Any feed back would be much appreciated. My last scans were clear so I am not on any meds.

How is everyone feeling after coming off all meds.

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I just recently completed two years of Keytruda with good results. However, i still had one tumor left that was active. So last week , I finished five treatments of radiation on the remaining tumor. I will follow up with my oncologists in three months following a cat scan. The scans will continue quarterly thereafter. I feel good. original diagnosis was stage IV nsclc. If I didn’t have any active cancer cells, I wouldn’t have needed any treatment thereafter, only scans.

Best of luck to you.

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Thank you, and thank you for responding

I'm interested in the same question. I'll finish two years in October. I have been NED since April '21 and was on Keytruda, Alimta and Carboplatin for three months and just Keytruda alone since then. Scans have all been clear for sixteen months.

Looking forward to other's experiences.

Yes, my scans have all been clear also. I keep you posted on how I do.

yes please do keep us posted. I hope to be ned by next scan and if so will not have any more treatment to do. Yay for both of you.

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