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Opdivo Question

Hubby just had surgery to remove tumor in lung. Turns out it was melanoma. Seems to be metastasized from tumor that was removed 30 years ago on his back. He's also had colon cancer 3 times (eventually removed colon entirely), gone through radiation once and chemo twice. After this recent surgery to remove the mass (and a wedge of lung), the doc recommends Opdivo every two weeks for a year to possibly (hopefully) help him fight off any microscopic cells that might remain. Read about the side effects...ugh. Need to hear about the successes. Thanks for any input.

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Hi there! I have stage IV lung cancer, with brain tumors. I had brain surgery, chemo and radiation. I have been on Opdivo for almost 1year!!!! No new growth in my lungs! Yes I go every two weeks. The side effects are totally do-able for me. It works great on the lungs. Does not cross over blood brain barrier, but I've had another year to live laugh and love so it is very very worth it for me.🙂 I'm sending comfort and healing peace to you and your Dad. If I can help in any way, please reach out. No one fights alone.💕💜💕


Your husband has metastcized melanoma, not lung cancer. The good news part of that is that melanoma patients have had the best response to immunotherapy, even better than lung cancer patients. Many people take immunotherapy with few side effects. It will also act throughout the body if there are any other little clusters of metastasis. You may want to look for melanoma support sites, where I believe you will find the success stories you are looking for. I understand that immunotherapy has revolutionized melanoma treatment.


I have stage IV NSCLC, diagnosed 2/2015. Did 6 months chemo, 4 weeks to recover and have been on Opdivo about 2.5 yrs now. Side effects are minimal, little joint pain relieved with swimming or exercise every few days. I take a supplement to help with kidney function as my creatinine levels rose when I a couple of months after starting Opdivo. I also take extra fluids when I receive my treatments. It's an infusion for an hour every other week. It's been fantastic for me. Happy to help if you have any issues.

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