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DNA & Results

Hi all ... Can I ask dose or as any one had DNA test done TO see whats going on.

Well am lung disease suffer and had 2 lung cancer scares ONE turned out to be Lung Granuloma and THE other was a oblong elongated tumour on Granuloma that resolved it's self.

I did DNA test to see if could find out new out AND I carry gene where asprin helps fight cancer formation BUT I have MTHFR BRC1 2 Mutations of unknown

Also out of interest how many know if healthy cf carrier or not.

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Are you asking if any of us are known, healthy cystic fibrosis patients?

The material they tested for mutations, was it taken from the lung biopsy?

Most of us have had the tumor DNA tested only when stage 4 lung cancer is confirmed by biosy. Do you have lung cancer in addition to your CF?

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Hi Was told i had lung cancer on Two occasions first time was gp incompetence second time was my lung doctor said i had lung tumour.

Anyway that resolved its self on its own.

So was asking dose anyone know there CF status AND if they are what is termed a healthy cf carrier.

Am what they term health cf carrier but am far from healthy.

According to my dna report chemo would do me more harm than good.

Mainly am just looking for pattern connection if you know what i mean.

As to tumor dna yer i know about that side of things SO just curious to see if any other suffers had dna test done


If the oblong tumor resolved itself it was not a malignant tumor. Not all tumors are deadly cancer. Likely it was related to the granuloma.

There are thousands of mutations that can appear in any given cell. Neither of the ones you mention are common in lung cancer.

Was the biopsy material that was tested come from the oblong tumor or the original granuloma?

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Never had biopsy not much lung martial left.

As to DNA agree this loads mutations and the only know about hand full.

So is anyones GUESS i think your doctors given your history would of done DNA test might be worth asking.

As to tumor don't think i talked about malignancy when refering to mine.

But none malignant tumors are can be as destructive as the grow threw things.

But the do say those that grow on old granuloma have high prevalence of being cancerous.

Guess i was lucky really


I'm grateful you were lucky. I hate that anyone has to go through this. I can't imagine having CF and having granulomas growing.

I'm confused though. Where did they get the genetic material to test the DNA?

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I did a private DNA test then looked at mutated DNA & SNP's

Mainly i did test as am sick of lies and medical profession not disclosing full story of conditions i have.

This lots of CF healthy carriers and when mothers are giving birth are apost to disclose but i have found the just dont bother.



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