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Promising news from a European oncology meeting

Some news on lung cancer treatments from the European Society for Medical Oncology (or ESMO):

- A new immunotherapy (atezolizumab or Tecentriq) improved survival vs chemo as second-line therapy for patients with NSCLC. This drug could be FDA-approved by October 19.

- Pembrolizumab (Keytruda) improved survival vs chemo as first-line therapy in patients with NSCLC if they had high levels of the biomarker PD-L1. Pembrolizumab is already approved as second-line therapy (for NSCLC), but could be FDA-approved as first-line therapy by December 24.

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I have been fighting lung cancer and just had my 5 year anniversary. I have had surgery, chemo, cyber knife radiation more chemo and now on Opdivo. I was diagnosed with stage 4 but it has not moved from my lungs. Prayer from so many people and my I don't give up attitude have helped me on my way. Stat positive and hopefully in the neat future they will find a cure


How are u stage 4 if only in lung.I too have stage4 nsclc had l/3 out 2 1/2 yes ago mi b e came back 1 yr yo lymph nodes abd brain had radiation on chest and lymph nodes. 3 gamma knivesfor brain met .been on optivo for 6 months no growth or movement in,last 3 chest scans praying for all cancer fighters


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