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how to get a Flowtron Hyrdroven compression machine on the nhs

I have been advised that by my mld therapist that i should be provided one on the nhs

after trying on for 6 weeks and getting a significant reduction and then not using one for 3 months and my arm swelling more again.

However my gp refuses to get involved and make the request to the pct now the CLINICAL COMMISSIONING GROUPS as of April 1st

My oncologist agrees with my mld therapist but no one know how to get the funding

He has written the question to various people in the hospital but has yet to have the answers.

Until my GP refers this to the clinial commission as a request under Specialist services (specialised services that are required by a limited number of people)as my mld therpasits says i cant even appeal

is there any way i can make my dr make the request is it a legal requiment for her to do so if i request it?

A little back ground i had breast cancer 8 years ago involving the removing of loads of lyphnodes in the beginning all was well 5 years ago i had a fall and this was the start of the lymphoedema.

i have it in my lower arm and hand an wear a compression sleeve all the time. 3 years ago i had cellulites for 3 months on and off and then remained on anti biotic for 18 months since then i have tried heavy banding but this brought my arm out in spots so had to be stopped on two different occasions hence the machine for 1 hour a day seamed to work but the cost of buying one privately is £2500 inc vat and im not registerd disabled.....................

im seeing my gp early tomorrow so any advice how to persuade her would be appreciated .

A desperate Pineapple

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I don't have any advice for you, but wanted to say that I understand and feel for you. Good luck.

My GP is also kind of unhelpful. He wants to help but he also seems to think that I'm making too much fuss about a little swelling. I hope you managed to persuade yours this morning.


So she was sympathetic and is going to write to the prescribing advisor for his advice so although not holding my breath it was a little more positive than i expected.


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