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Hi everyone I am a newby to this site but a sufferer for years every just

kept parcelling me on to other things eventually we have sorted out what the cronic swelling is. They took there time now imaybe we can help it a bit. Sounds like it is long term like everything else. I have Fibro, Stenosiss. Osteoporrosis Osteoarthritis to name but a few.

Help is needed to contain his swelling any hints please. Gin

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Hi Gins - have you been referred to a lymphoedema clinic? If not, ask your GP to refer you as soon as he can, and they will help you with the swelling, and give you advice about things like compression garments and other aids (to help you apply the garments).


I have to see Practise I will not sent to other clinics something about borders of Scotland and one Hosp unwilling to pay to send me to England to expensive hey ho here we go cheers Gins


initially my care was from a specialist nurse who visited the surgery, she planned my care got me into compression bandages then evntually compressions garments and the practice nurse were excellent. after 2 yrs i have moved and new surgery refered me to lymphodema clinic, went yesterday and couldnt believe the support i got, if id been refered at the beginning i might have saved my job, so clinic is the way to go but initially if its via your ptactice they can be good.


Thanks morganite it is so helpful to know there are others in same predicament :) xgins


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