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hospitalised 4 times 2012 with breathing probs. Legs/feet/ ankles were so swollen Oct.Nov could not walk, wear shoes or leave house. Lymph clinic refuse bandaging in case fluid goes to lungs or heart. intravenus diuretics in Dec in hosp.lost 21 litres fluid in 10 days(YES 21 LITRES) Fluid has returned, legs just as bad. Consultant (lung) said dont know anything abt lymphodema cannot comment when I asked his opinion abt bandaging. Any suggestions please. I will be housebound soon.

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  • Are you refering to banding for haemorrhoids/piles? because this is what I was talking about, and if you are then yes I know the Dr who can help

  • Scottymeg - what is your primary diagnosis? Do you have existing lymphoedema? Do you have COPD? Heart problems? Are you on daily diuretics?

  • Hi, see my response below. I have not had a diagnosis of lung prob. checked for COPD, TB, asthma, had CT scan, Xrays. blood tests etc. From April 2012 to Dec 2012. No definitive answer to the cough and breathlessness. Take diuretics every day. thanks for replying

  • Hi Scottymeg - Lymphoedema does not usually cause breathing problems and does not respond to diuretics so it may be your swelling is related to a previous condition as Lynora said. It would certainly not be advisable to bandage in that case - talk to your consultant again, find out what your diagnosis is and then get them to talk to the lymphoedema service if they feel it is going to help your condition. - good luck

  • have had lymphoedema for 30 years. Had compression bandaging and pump action boots(Dont know the correct name) for 4/5 years which brings down the swelling. With the use of compression stockings I am mobile. I am on diuretics every day. Never seen a lymph consultant only nurses. Thanks for yr response

  • The cough and breathlessness started April. was not suggesting lymphoedema has caused this. The oedema is ongoing. The lymph nurses refused to bandage Sept/Oct 2012, they said it could send fluid into my lungs and were not prepared to take the risk. Lung consultant as I said in my earlier reply would not give an opinion.

  • Hi Scottymeg - you could try asking your lung consultant to refer you Professor Mortimer at St Georges hospital in London - needs to be a consultant to consultant referral -GP will not be accepted.

  • thanks, got app with lymph nurses Thur 7/2. will see what happens, may refuse treatment again, will report what they say.

    Not got a follow up appt with lung consultant till April. Will know more after tomorrow and will take it from there. Thanks for info abt Prof Mortimer.

  • Hi all, been to the lymph clinic this aft they are going to bandage my legs, looks like April for treatment, look forward to being more mobile.

    thanks for all your responses

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