Feet hell

I have lymphoedema in both legs and feet and am obese due to eating disorder and chronic bad back due to injury 40 years ago plus arthritis. My feet are very small but mega wide and swollen plus arthritis and ultra sensitive. Can't elevate legs for more than 5 minutes at a time or lie in bed for more than an hour. Currently have multiple layer bandaging on both legs and feet, 2 days so far. Can only walk few steps in kerraped shoe for bandaged feet. No cosyfeet shoe is suitable and sandals I have been wearing all year round have been pressing in on swelling. Work part time as charity manager, am the only employee. Trying to eat better and lose weight. HELP ! Any advice would be welcome.

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  • What sort of eating disorder and are you getting support for this? Also, have you been 'gait assessed' by a podiatrist?

  • binge eating disorder, have had it for many years. Now starting telephone counselling with a counsellor specialising in eating disorders and referred for NHS group therapy course. Desperate to eat more healthily. Live on my own so no-one to support me, apart from the cat who is extremely cute and adorable, keeps me going. I have 8-weekly private chiropody by podiatrist, and got made to measure orthotics through her 10 years ago, expensive, but couldn't tolerate them. It all feels so hopeless ... but thanks for asking Lynora ...

  • My feet are very tender to the touch I hate the thought of walking and standing so you have my deepest sympathy I have lymphoedema in both legs which is also a nuisance as you well know it was suggested I lose weight to help with this no help at all my mobility is near zero so being as I sit down a lot I have pressure sores from time to time as for loosing weight I was put on 1,800 calories a day lost tons of weight but as I said it did not help at all this will make you laugh the top half of my body is normal size for my height but with my swollen legs I look like a weeble ( a toy that was about in the eighties ) I still have my bum with a shelf I also lost weight to fit into smaller clothes and look better that did not work I am a size 16 top and I have to buy size 24 skirts to get round my swollen legs so that give you a rough idea what I look like all the best

  • Sorry you are going through all of this Brandish54. How do you cope with it? Do you have a supportive/understanding partner or family? I live on my own so it's tough. To be honest I don't care what I look like, I just want to be able to get from A to B with something on my feet which doesn't feel like total torture.

  • Yes I have my husband and three sons but I do feel they need a break from it all plus like you I also would like to be able to walk minus pain it would be heaven when you think about it your feet are an important part of mobility issues and pain free feet would be a great help lots of love

  • Good that you have family to support you. Take care.

  • My darlings I hope for both of you lovely people that you find something that helps the pain in your feet. I sometimes have pomphylx eczema patches on the soles of my feet and that is bad enough, but nowhere near what you are describing.

  • Thank you. I hope you can cope with the eczema patches. What radio stations to you like?

  • Ditto here but am on serious reducing diet

    I know expensive but try to fork out for one of these


  • Thanks. Am also trying hard to lose weight by healthy eating. Which of the products on the amazon page are you recommending?

  • sorry now I see which one you sent the link for and will give it some thought

  • Where do you live Doll

  • London

  • Where do you live? Ask your GP to refer to the obesity clinic with a view to having a Gastric by pass or Gastric sleeve done, that's why I need to know where you live & I can find out the nearest clinic & surgeon. You won't get it done straight away, you have to see dietitians, psychologists etc, but if you persist they will offer you surgery.

    Then you have to ask GP to get funding from the PCT. ( primary care trust).

  • London , that's even better. Realistically your never going to loose the weight by your self, you need obesity surgery.

  • Are you on face book?

  • I'm under a Hertsfem

    My email is vickyayadi@hotmail.com

  • Hi - thanks so much for your support. I don't want surgery, I want to lose weight by healthy eating. I am starting telephone counselling for the eating disorder and have been referred for NHS group therapy. My main problem is footwear which is why my post was called Feet Hell. All the best.

  • How long have you been over weight for

  • Started 40 years when I injured my back and other factors, too complicated and difficult to go into here. Thanks for your concern.

  • Try Sandpiper for slipper type shoe you can mould around your feet to fit for starters as they have soles you can walk on, and as you lose weight you can get smarter shoes from them, still wide-fitting but more stylish. Try Able2 Wear for cotton-rich oedema socks which really expand for comfort.

  • Thank you Georgia. I've looked at Sandpiper and they are not wide enough for my feet. But I'll take a look at the socks idea, although anything touching my toes is agony ...

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