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What do you think / know?

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I saw a doctor last week and was told not to bother with massage, compression, or bandaging till I lose a lot more weight. I am overweight and have lymphedema in both arms. Doctor felt fluid had become solidified.

11 Replies
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What Tosh!

How is diet going to un-solidify the lymph fluid? This is a tactic to divert away from the fact they have limited resources and try to keep the waiting list down.

You must insist on treatment now. Massage and gentle movement. The Le will not move without treatment.

Keep us posted please.



Duh...you need to insist on treatment...sooner it is started the better...I had to lose weight but that is happening along with the lymphoedema treatment...I have been wearing compression stockings for around 7 months and have also lost around 16 kg in that same length of time...My lower legs have improved outta sight...they have lost their hard woody texture and are quite soft now

So please do insist on treatment

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hi clown

you saw an idiot doctor by the sound of things

see another doctor .... & if she / he's an idiot too, see another one

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Hi Clown

It is absolutely right that losing weight will help your lymphoedema and in fact some clinics will not see patients above a certain BMI. However - unless your GP knows that your local clinic have such a policy in which case he should refer you for diet/exercise advise to try and support your efforts then he should refer you to the lymphoedema clinic for them to do an assessment and decide the plan for the way forward

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we all agree loosing weight will help, but you need compression to stop the lymph fluid becoming more solid and to move it not just for comfort but it will help your mobility and help loosing weight, We've all found some drs are not up to speed with the treatments or the need for ttreatment, insist you need help to get the right treatment, see another gp and get another opinion.good luck its not always easy fighting the establishment but they must help you.

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Yes you do need treatment in the form of compression, however, without weight loss the chances of considerable reduction are slim and the oedema will only recurr. Treatment needs to be a combination of both.

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I know I need to lose weight. Admittedly I haven't been working hard enough on my diet but am now. I am so frustrated at the lack of help for my lymphedema.- the best excuse is putting the blame on me (my weight). I have had countless sleeves made "made to measure" which cut in to my skin so badly I can't wear them. My arms are getting bigger and I'm at my wits end.

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Have you had breast cancer clown? If so, you need to talk to your treatment centre - regardless of how long ago you may have had treatment - the BCN's will be able to advise you on who to talk to, & who can give you advice about compression etc. Are you in the US?

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Yes, I had breast cancer. I had a mastectomy 2009 and then a year later another one. I am in the UK.

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Oh! Poor you!! I am very overweight and of course I've been told to lose weight, but I must admit when I did lose some weight a few years ago, my lympho did actually get better, but it's come back again with a vengeance!! XX

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It's a vicious cycle I know, but don't give up! Compression and massage helped me with Fibrosis. It helps to be happy in yourself, and to eat a sensible diet and above all be positive. We're all on your side. I find laughing a great boon, watch a few comedies while doing something like exercising in a chair. All movement is a bonus! :)

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