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Kinesiotaping for Primary Lymphodeama in Ankles and Legs

How does Advanced Kinesiotaping work for Primary Lymphodema in both ankles and legs?

If Compression Stockings are too tight what is the alternative?

What is the next treatment?

As there is no cure we have to do the best we can to help ourselves.

Getting the professionals, employers and others to understand is the hardest part to deal with people should be more understanding with the difficulties we have to suffer everyday.

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I know that with my baby daughter the kinesiology tape worked by keeping the skin lifted off the fluid and allowing the fluid to flow more freely so when Mary Kate wore it he tiny legs and feet felt very soft as the fluid wasn't getting a chance to settle in her tissues and become fibrotic. I don't know if this same effect would occur for an adult who would have this conditions lot longer and the fibrotic tissues is prob more advanced. Also Mary Kate is 15 months now and the kinesiology tape does not work as well no more and I'm not sure y? She is moving on to made to measure compression garments next month



Hi Alfie19 Marykatesmum is absolutely right - the kinesio tape lifts the skin and gives the lymph vessels more freedom to work to their best capacity. Compression garments are designed to be very tight but if fitted properly should be comfortable. There are alternatives such as circaid and farrow wrap which are Velcro based or some people prefer to self bandage.


I wear CirAid Wrapping now.

If kinesio tape doesn't have much effect what is the next stage?


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