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Losing weight

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I was diagnosed with lymphoedema more than 10 years ago. Made to measure compression stockings have been working well. Now due to other health concerns I believe I have lost weight (my clothes are looser). My leg pains are increasing so much so it is difficult to walk. Do you think I should have my legs remeasured?

8 Replies
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Definitely get checked out - the leg pain needs investigating.

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definitely! They should be measured every six months!

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TeresaMay in reply to Juliawoods

If only! It was more than 12 months before my last pair.

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Juliawoods in reply to TeresaMay

Really! where are you based? You must go to the gp and get a referral to lymphodema clinic asap! Good luck x

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Jocasta28 in reply to Juliawoods

In our region not a chance. For the past 3 years I have asked my GP for a referral and still waiting. Even the Lymphodema nurse just says "I'll put in a referral". I have pushed things but with a severely disabled child and nursing a husband with terminal cancer (died 7 months ago) my mind has been on other things.

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I am in contact with clinic but that is how it is!

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Morning TeresaMayI would most definitely request for your legs to be remeasured, as sagging compression garments aren't beneficial to us lymphedema sufferers, whilst they shouldn't be tight they do need to fit us well.

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If you find clinic or your GP surgery difficult in measuring for stockings, have you tried the pharmacist to see if they do? I am thinking back many moons ago when the pharmacist did this for my mum to ensure she had the right size. It’s worth an ask, they can only say yes or no.

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