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I just started using the flexitpuch plus. I hear many of you talking about breathing exercises. No one ever mentioned that to me. Could anyone tell me what they are?

Thanks so much

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Abdominal breathing. While you are lying still, take a slow breath in through your nose, lifting your tummy towards the ceiling. Then, through pursed lips, gently exhale - as if you are trying to keep a feather in the air - and slowly lower your tummy, trying to pull it back to your spine. You will think you are running out of air - you won’t - take a couple of normal ‘recovery’ breaths - then repeat the sequence. Just do the deep lymphatic breaths four or five times - it’s enough to give the deeper lymphatic vessels a bit of a shove! You can then do some abdominal massage to yourself. There might have been an instruction leaflet with the device.

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This is a UK site so few have Tactile Medical products (US only company) .

However doing breath work applies to any/all compression pumps irrespective manufacturer. It’s highly important to doing diaphragmatic breathing before starting, periodically throughout and after programme is completed.

The instruction DVD that comes with (or used to come with) Flexitouch Plus talks about the importance of Lymphatic diaphragmatic breathing before starting the program etc

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