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Please remeber that this forum is there for honest, supportive and open discussion.

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The written word is a challenge as we are often unable to see what is behind a comment or hear an inflection or tone in the same way we can with face-to-face conversations. Please do bear that in mind both when you are posting yourself or reading others replies, someone could be having a hard time or be angry about what has happened to them or have a different perspective than you. Try to write and respond in a way that is helpful and supportive if you are able, try to see the other persons perspective and reply in a productive way whilst understanding that some people by nature are more blunt than others.

Many thanks.

The LSN team.

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I would also add, that if some one feels angry or is triggered by a post that they not feel the need to add a comment at all. Let's not mistake passive aggression or an attempt to insight hate disguised as being "blunt". Those who post, have probably taken a long time to pluck up the courage to post on the Internet and are asking for advice not condemnation or prejudice regardless of whether the respondent/s have the same medical condition (which may affect each individual slightly differently).

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