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Achilles Tendinitis

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Hello, I have had an ongoing issue with tendinitis in the heel and ankle of my worst lymphie leg. It’s become bad again recently and I notice a swelling that seems to be in addition to the lymph swelling on my left ankle. Anyone else get this? What did you do? Thanks

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Yes I have had ongoing acute tendinitis for at least 15 years. I go to a physio every 3 weeks for massage I have numerous exercises to do which help but I get lazy with self massage for LE as well. My lump is on the back of my heels and swelling round the ankle bone. Both legs and feet.

Hi Lyndy

I haven't experienced tendinitis in my heel ankle but wanted to comment on your additional swelling on your left ankle.

I developed swelling in one of my ankles in 2018 and my lymphoedema nurse prescribed a pad to give extra compression around the ankle bone. I have a flat knit custom made stocking and the pad fits inside a silky pocket which is stitched in the appropriate position. The pad has been quite effective for me, and I think I have better mobility in my ankle as a result which has to be good all round.

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Oh ok… thanks this Perido, I will ask about it x

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Hi Perido,

What's the pad called please?

I swell quite a lot around my ankle and could do with some extra padding!

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Hi SamLymphie

I have a prescription for a made to measure flat knit Juzo stocking which includes a silk pocket made to a size to accommodate the pad which is also supplied via Juzo. My lymphoedema nurse decided that I needed the pad on my inner ankle but I think such pads can also be placed on the outer ankle if required. I'm in the UK.

The pad I have is a fabric covered foam 'pressure pad as designed by Dr Rotter' - see following link:

I've got Achilles Tendinitis in my worst Lymphedema leg, my left leg. Have appt. with Sports Medicine. When I saw them b4, was referred to Hanger Clinic, where they made insert for my left shoe. It didn't work out because it didn't fit into my shoe that well. Wear size 9 XXwide Mens shoes. Now am going to try compression stockings that have compression 20/30 in toe as well as leg. That will be fine except 4 4th toe hammer toe. Going to have Tenotomy, but not scheduled yet. So just don't know yet how compression stocking is going 2 work out. Have had Achilles Tendinitis for at least 15 years. It hurts! I have a habit of crossing my legs, & I think that exacerbates the condition. Whenever I find myself doing that, I uncross them.

Thanks for your reply…and more ideas to consider x

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