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Lymphodema and cellulitis.

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Good day to all..

I woukd like to know how do i differentiate between cellulitis and Lymphodema.

My ankles are swollen . But not red and hot. If i stand a while then my legs weep between my knee and ankles. I have soft tissue tearing as well.. 😭😢..

Any suggestions of how to treat.


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Lymphoedema is swelling, which can happen after surgery or treatment for cancer (secondary lymphoedema) or as a congenital disorder (primary lymphoedema) and also after infection (cellulitis). If you have weeping (sometimes a clear fluid) this is lymphorrhea and should be treated urgently by your practice nurse (if you have one in your area - I see you are in South Africa) - and if it's part of cellulitis (a bacterial infection) you will need to take antibiotics.Have you been diagnosed with lymphoedema?

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Hi Lynora.. Thanks for the replyI have not been tested for Lymphodema..I think i should go get tested to verify if i have it. I was given anti biotics by my Gp. Clindahexal. Antibiotics.. Helped with infection. The soft tissue is still there as well.

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