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Daily Pumping new reality

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Hey all!

Since my last message in March when I shared about my knee injury angering my lipoedema, I have finished office PT with the lymph PT and am starting knee PT. Also I received my compression pump which pumps from trunk to toe and back in an hour daily at night (MLD in the am).

Its expensive in the US but luckily insurance covers all but my out of pocket amount of $1500.

And although its an hour every day it feels lovely! I am not sure it is "helping" but they will remeasure me in 2 weeks!

Thanks for the support!


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Good to hear your pleased so far with your Flexitouch Plus. This is a UK site and Tactile Medical who makes your pump system does not operate outside of the US. In the UK we have our own compression pump specialist manufacturers. It’s extremely important to prepare for pumping sessions by doing deep lymphatic breathing exercises before starting and it’s even better to periodically do lymphatic breathing during the session. This is highlighted in the information instructions that come with Flexitouch but most patients don’t often look at them

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GabbiD44 in reply to CCT67

What great advice! Thank you. I don't remenber it from my training but it makes sense. I was hoping for dramatic results and so far not really. But it really does feel lovely and I look forward to the hour of pumping.

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