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feeling of water running down my legs

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Feeling of water running down my legs

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Hi. I get that feeling a lot, too. I mainly get that feeling inside my legs. What you need to be careful of is if you actually get clear fluid seeping down your leg. That cellulitis and you need to address it as soon as you can. Antibiotics are the only thing to get and elevate your legs. If it becomes red & fiery you need a dr as soon as possible.

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Thank you for responding. Im really not sure how this website works. I don't seem to have some problems like otheres. Honestly, I think it started after I had a colonosopy. That went fine but what if a nerve was hurt? Can't be for sure but I started to feel like a wet spot on my leg. Nothing much at first. All my feelings are inside my body - no real water or anything. I went to my primary doctor becasue my feet were so cold. No blue or red - just darn cold. It comes and goes but the wet feeling seems to be getting a little worse. I wrote a text to my primary doctor and asked if I could get a referral to a specialist. I just wrote today so I hope she will let me see somone. I'm not in any pain but the wet sensation is really getting to me. Again, thank you for responding.

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Lynora in reply to blondetwin75

When did you have the colonoscopy? Were you sedated and/or given a local anaesthetic?

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i did have a local anesthetic. I apparently had a large polyp that luckily was non cancerous but they had to go in the next day to take it out becasue it required a little surgery. On the second day I was actually put asleep to remove the polyp. I'm not sure, of course, if what I have now is even connected to the colonosopy but it seemed to happen about a week after my procedure. I mentioned it to my primary doctor but she said I would be anemic if something went wrong. I guess my blood tests didn't show that. So yesterday I texted my primary care doctor and asked to see a specialist or someone to see. Luckily, I'm not in any pain - just this running water feeling.

Yes, I get this feeling too. Along with the feeling of spiders and ants crawling up my legs! 😆. But, of course, there’s never anything there. I have to fight the urge to scratch cos the skin on my legs is so, so thin. 😘

When I was first diagnosed the feeling of bugs crawling up and down my legs was one of my symptoms. I haven't thought about it in years, so I guess the compression socks have helped that problem. I hope you get in to see a specialist!

I used to have that feeling when I was working . It usually came on as a sign that I was doing too much and that I needed to rest . It disappeared itself after a few years perhaps because I’d learnt to balance doing things and rest a bit more . Hope you get done answers . I doubt whether the colonoscopy would have produced this because if anything had been damaged it would show up as blood loss .

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Thank you for your reply. Did anyone ever give you an answer of why this was happening to you other than stress? i'm retired and really don't have a lot of stress in my life. Luckily I'm not in any pain but it is something new that I've never experienced before. So weird!

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