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Snow Skiing with lymphedema

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Since I’ve had lymphedema around 30 years, I’ve have thought about skiing and my apprehension in doing so.

It would be such satisfying achievement for me. I was a really good skier before this stupid condition.

My left leg is pretty swollen after all this time. I’ve had many infections and two operations which has reduced my swelling some.

Long story short.

Has anyone had ski boots custom made. There would be quite a different size for my good leg and bad.

Thank you

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It’s definitely do-able. I would visit a shop like Ellis B or Snow and Rock and see what they say. In my instance, a compromise on size, insoles and a stretch worked. Skiing is one thing I’m really happy to be able to do despite my limb difference. There are bespoke manufacturers like Strolz and Daleboot, but would recommend having a friendly chat with your local bootfitter before going to that level of expense.

Yes, I continue to ski after having Lymphedema show up after 67 lymph nodes were removed……..first on my left leg and then 2 years later on my right. I use the same boots I had before Lymphedema even though I have a lot of swelling.

Initially, when putting on the boots, the buckles are on the loosest setting. By the end of the day, the buckles are tightened considerably and the lymph swelling is pushed above my boot.

I have so appreciated that I have been able to continue to ski…go for it!

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AnneBury in reply to Swelly

Both my legs/feet are swollen and more or less the same size. Obviously, that helps as I have the same size boots for each foot. Like Swelly my swelling (well some of it) pushes above my boots as the day goes on. My boots have lots of adjustment straps which deals with this. However, it hurts as the swelling moves so at every opportunity I Ioosen my boots to take the pressure off. For example in a lift queue and while on a lift. I have had the same boots for over 30 years, they are now rather old fashioned but we are growing older together.

Hello I love to hear of people who do not want their condition to destroy the things they so enjoy doing. So please the other posters here have given you the information to help you, look into it and see which company can make you the bespoke boots you need and good luck. I am personally addicted to my rebounder and I have a good pair of skipping ropes to keep my heart rate higher which also supports making my lungs work as I am asthmatic. I used to enjoy dancing but my feet are that large at the end of the day, dancing is a chore now but I can still manage to stay fitter by other means mentioned above. I just wish I could find time to take up singing again but with my current teaching job the balance between work and my private life is seriously off balance. With work causing me a great deal of stress and frustration, due to a vast list of administrative demands that is now part of the job. So when I become lucky enough to retire in 7 or 8 years time I will hopefully find time to do the other things I used to enjoy doing.

I had primary lymphodema predominately in my right leg and have been going skiing regularly for the last ten years. I used to get away with hire boots but recently got some custom fitted at Captains Cabin Sevenoaks. I thoroughly recommend them, check out their website.

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