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I am very keen to buy a Lymphapress Machine from Haddenenhams and have identified the machine and sleeve I need.

How do I order it? ... I find no order form on their website. They don't seem to make it easy.

Do I need referral from my GP's surgery?

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Haddenham sell the Pulsepress Lymphflow - call their customer service number - very helpful team - 01844 208842

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Thanks, will do.

LymphaPress is not made by Haddenham. LymphaPress has its own website so just google and you’ll easily find it. Haddenham Health sells differypneumatic compression pumps systems, check out their website for information and contact details

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Yes, I meant the Pulsepress Lymphflow which I believe is Haddenhams. I will research Lymphaprees now as well.



Interesting information. I live in the US and although we brag about our health care -- as long as you have either the money to pay for it or the insurance -- there is very little for lymphoedema. The first doctor I showed mine to, recoiled and blurted out, "What's that?" Then I asked my dermatologist, and he said he didn't know, which I find hard to believe. It took a year to find out why I had seeping yellow liquid coming from my legs. And then no one suggested any lymphoedema docs, and I thought there weren't any. But it turns out they keep them in the basement of the hospital, and mine was very small and dapper. He told me about PT and suggested that I take a friend since she could do the wrappings for me after seeing the PT person doing it. He assured me there was nothing to doing the wrappings at all. Well, I don't know about you, but walking around the street holding long bits of untangled bandages is not the look I was going for. Anyway, I couldn't wrap them to stay and then the PTs did nothing for me but wrap me again and give me about 5 minutes of exercises. It wasn't until my fourth PT that I found that you could simply fold your underneath "sock" over the last round of bandages and it would hold! And it wasn't until I found another PT that I had any massage done. Meanwhile I had ended up in a wound care site to fix the wound that developed.

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