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Fluid running down my legs

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Hello is there anyone that’s experiencing movement in the calf’s feeling like muscles are contracting together with bulging along with leaking sensation ? Okay imagine a lava lamp ?

Honestly the way that lava looks when heated up in the lamp actually feels like that’s what’s going on in both calf’s leaving me wet and cold sensation..

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I hope you get a reply soon as this has been reported by quite a few folk with lower limb lymphoedema.

Hi Najay - if you look over to the right hand side of this post, you should see ‘Related Posts’ where other people write about this feeling (including your post 3 months ago). Do you live in the UK?

Hello, I don't feel fluid running down my leg but I do frequently feel as though my shoe is full of water!! You know the feeling when you went to deep in a puddle and the water went in your wellies. It feels so realistic that I have to take off my shoes and socks just to check that my feet are dry. I use plenty of different exercises but can't get rid of the sensation... still things could be worse!!

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