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Vodder or Leduc - which is best?


I have eventually found a a lymph drainage therapist, having not had any MLD for over a year due to my usual therapist retiring and the various lockdowns. I have always had Vodder treatment previously, with an hour's massage starting at the neck. When I saw my new therapist yesterday she said she followed the Leduc method as it's better supported by the evidence. It involved me using a ball under my armpit and knees at various times to stimulate lymph flow and she only did a bit of massage on one leg and foot and lower stomach. I had come to her because my leg still hasn't recovered from the flu jab a month ago (see previous post). It felt very different from Vodder as the whole body wasn't treated.

I haven't heard of Leduc before and though I've looked on the net there doesn't seem to be much about it. Any experiences or views would be really appreciated. Thanks

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Has she trained with the Lymphoedema Training Academy? If so, it is a form of MLD, but not Vodder, which is why you noticed the difference in technique. Therapists from this school might not treat whole body. Check the LTA website to see if she is registered with them. She may also be registered with MLDUK and The BLS.

caroline111 in reply to Lynora

Thanks, Lynora. Yes, she is registered with LTA and MLDUK and seems well-qualified. I was hoping that my post would generate replies from people who had experienced both therapies or at least an opinion / information about Leduc. She said it was better supported by the evidence than Vodder but I would have liked another opinion on it.

Hi Caroline. The Leduc technique of MLD was taught for many years in the UK by Jane Wigg and Professor Albert Leduc. Many Leduc trained MLD practitioners then learnt the `Fill and Flush' method which Jane Wigg now teaches at LTA and which is driven on research by Professor Belgrado and his team. The techniques your therapist ahs taught you is a great way to empty lymph nodes. As Lynora says therapists trained at LTA will be on their register. They may also be register with either MLDUK or BLS. All MLD therapists whatever technique are required to up date at least bi annually to maintain their own specific MLD qualification. I would just avoid anyone who is not `lymphoedema trained'...... so not someone who has done a beauty lymph drainage course', because they are not trained in medical lymphatic drainage. Sounds like you have rightly done your research and have found an excellent therapist.

Thank you for the info, it's very helpful.

Wishing you well Caroline 111. 👍

Hi Caroline

The ONLY way to evaluate which method is ‘best’ (bearing in mind there are a handful of medical MLD methods of which Vodder, Luduc, and FG-MLD aka Fill & Flush are only three), is by how your individual lymphatics respond and body feels after treatment.

Some of the other leading methods include Foeldi/Foldi and Casley-Smith. Vodder and Foldi are the oldest and well established methods, as Drs Vodder and Foldi invented MLD and CDT (Complete Decongestive Therapy) respectively.

Irrespective of how much ‘evidence’ a practitioner says that there is behind their method, if you personally do not find it effective, or not as effective as you feel it should be by comparison to another method that you’ve tried, then it is not ‘best’ for you. Everyone’s lymphatics are different, especially when the Lymphoedema is Primary, as the lymphatic faults can relate to the nodes, vessels or valves, and sometimes all three. As the lymphatics are not identical in every person it stands to reason that we each will respond differently to different MLD methods, as well as to individual therapists as they each have their nuances.

Therefore, it’s always advisable where possible (however less feasible in the middle of a pandemic) to ‘shop around’ for a MLD therapist whose treatment you assess as effective for yourself no matter how much they might try to sell themselves or their method as the ‘best’. (Just ensure the therapist has a proper MLD qualification as opposed to a general massage training). Your body will tell you if their treatment is ‘best’ for you.

Utilise the MLDUK website for qualified MLD practitioners - each notes the type of method they use. The LTA site mostly only has practitioners qualified in FG-MLD and or Leduc method. It may be that for now the therapist you just went to will do and then you revisit your options when Covid is no longer wreaking its havoc.

Take care, Catherine

caroline111 in reply to CCT67

Thank you. Yes, at the moment I'm just grateful to have found an MLD therapist who is practising but in the long term if / when things get back to normal I may revert back to Vodder.

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