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Is there any updated advice regarding Covid-19 for Lymphoedema patients?



I just wondered if there was any updated medical advice for Lymphoedema patients?

Now restrictions are easing up I’m finding that I am unsure what advice I should be following. Initially it was easy as anyone who received the flu jab was vulnerable, anyone who got a letter was extremely vulnerable and should shield. They have now changed the catagories as well as the advice on social distancing so was a little lost as to what I should be doing🤷‍♀️

My understanding is that Lymphoedema patients are no more susceptible to catching the virus be we don’t know if the effects of Covid are any different to non Lymphoedema sufferers. From my personal experience I know that when I get an infection it can take me longer to get rid of it compared to pre cancer/ pre Lymphoedema so should I be avoiding people just in case???

Thank you

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I think LSN have info about this on their website x

There’s no evidence that having lymphoedena would make us any more prone to getting Covid 19 but it’s affect on us could make it more difficult to treat because our immune system is already compromised . Personally I’m going to continue to social distance as much as possible in public spaces and definitively take the recommended precautions and wear a mask . I’m bubbling with family and feel ok to accept that . I think we just have to continue to remain sensible and do our own risk assessments to see what we feel comfortable with . It’s unlikely that as a country we would be able to afford to go into total lockdown again as we previously did so we have to find ways that it’ll work for us .

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Thanks for getting back to me👍

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