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C-section and lymphedema


Has anyone ever encountered being pregnant and having a c-section and then later developing lymphedema?

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It is very rare. Have you been referred to a lymphoedema clinic for advice/treatment?

Did you have swollen legs during your pregnancy?

It took nearly 2 years to figure out what was going on. I just now started going to a lymphedema specialist

I only had swelling towards the very end of my pregnancy

I'm not an expert, but has lipodema been ruled out?

Where are you based?

Did you have pre-eclampsia?

Have you had issues with weight gain during the pregnancy?

As Perido mentions, has anyone considered lipoedema?

I didnt have pre eclampsia, no issues with weight gain. no mention of lipodema

This was the case for one of my former colleagues x


I had a c-section with my first and swelled up to three times my size in legs and abdomen. I had to stay 5 days in the hospital but over the next few months I went back to normal. For the pregnancy of my second child I did have some swelling in my right leg, but only in the 7th month (and she was a natural birth).

Six years later my right leg started swelling as well as my groin & abdomen (especially under the csection incision). I saw several specialists and received a variety of diagnoses(including lipoedema which was later ruled out). The latest specialist believes I have primary lymphedema which didn’t appear until later in life.

So, did the c-section propel me along towards lymphedema? Maybe...

my lymphodema specialist said reproductive surgery is can cause lymphodema

Sadly, it can happen. Where are you based? Are you getting advice about compression etc?

I have a lymphodema specialist in kansas

Ah - I thought you might live outside the UK (where this site is based).

You could use the Search option on this site (looking glass at top of page) and look for ‘help in USA’ - this will take you to a number of sites on your side of The Pond, where you might find local groups or other sites, to get guidance and advice.

Our stories are similar except mine occurred with my 3rd c-section

My story is exactly this. Primary lymphedema triggered in pregnancy, that came back with a vengeance 12 years later based on hormonal changes. My c-section was the icing on the cake!

I developed lymphedema and it started out as harden brown spots on my ankles and then wrapped around my ankles then I developed lymphedema. It was after a hysterectomy. I have had every vein test there is because every doctor was sure it had to do with a clogged vein or veins but they found nothing. The ankle problem was diagnosed as lipodermatosclerosis.

Did you go to a lymphodema specialist

Yes I did.... it was my third c-section that triggered it.

I have primary Lymphodeama. First swelling left leg appeared in first pregnancy. Right leg second pregnant and left hand in menopause. Hoping that my lot...I believe it was triggered by hormones

Are you sure you have primary lymphedema and not secondary?

Seems kind of terrible that we have to have this condition. Just for having a baby....

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