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is it possible to drain lymph fluid?


hello everyone, this is my first post here. My lymphedema started around 18 years ago, just in one leg, then moved to the second. I'm pretty certain it has spread up through my abdomen. had anyone noticed that prednisone shrinks your swelling? the first time I took some, I noticed that my legs shrank and my pants were so loose that they twisted every time I got in and out of a car. Once I was off the prednisone, they swelled up so bad I could hardly walk. The doctor I went to put me back on prednisone and tapered it slowly. My legs shrank back to a manageable size (I can walk) . I later went to a doctor that handles a lot of lymphedema patients. He said I was the second person within a month that had said prednisone shrank their lymphedema, but that that wasn't supposed to happen.

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Prednisolone reduces inflammation so will make a difference to lymphoedema, but the reaction is short lived, and steroids cannot be taken long term. Why were you originally prescribed them? Do you live in the UK?

redbirdcat44 in reply to Lynora

I live in the US. I have asthma. Sometimes if I get congestion/colds, the congestion drains into my lungs and I have to take prednisone to clear it up.

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