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Hi everyone I'm bev from Sunderland Im 49, 50 in November, I'm a newbie was diagnosed with bilateral leg lymphedema 3 weeks ago after thinking it was water retention, I also have osteo/ rheumatoid arthritis all over, I'm getting my full leg compression stockings fitted next week, also waiting for an abdominal scan to see if I have lymphedema there cos at the moment I look 6 months pregnant, any info on do' & dont's would be appreciated. I no I can't shave or wax my legs but can I get eyebrows done you are probly thinking stupid woman ha ha but I just want to check to be on the safe side.

I havnt worn shoes only flip flops for 5 years even in winter snow as well as they hurt my feet when I went for my first went to lymphedema clinic she said I could get some shoes, can anyone recommend the shoes what they give you. 🙂

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Have you tried Hotter shoes? They do them in EEE fit which I find copes with the foot swelling. Also the men's versions of Keen shoes have more room and lace ups enable you to adjust for the degree of lymphoedema.

You can do your eyebrows without any problem. In fact in time you may be able to gently shave your legs but it depends on how carefully you are able to do it and using plenty of moisturisers.

Best wishes.

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Hi, thanks for your reply I will check out hotter shoes out and see where the nearest store to me is.

Try Cosyfeet. They do shoes,sandals,slippers all extra wide and deeper than other shoes. Also do wider socks and hosiery. I've used them for years and as lmphoedema is classed as a disability you get them cheaper as you don't have to pay the vat. Check them out on line. Good luck.

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Hi, thanks for that I will have a look 🙂

Hi, try shoe tailor online- I can even bought boots which fit great as they do ultra extra wide calf fittings and their shoes fit well in the extra wide as well .

Best of luck.

Hi Bev

I'm a year younger than you, diagnosed 3years ago after surgery for ovarian cancer. Only my right leg effected

I don't think you are a stupid woman - I literally cried when I was told to stop waxing my legs. I continued to do it for two years - honestly you should have seen the state of me but I wouldn't let it go.... I now shave (often) but very gently - was told to use a good lady shaver - spent nearly £50 on one - rubbish for me - was like cutting the grass with a pair of nail sizzles

You will feel a lot better when you get the stockings on. I didn't actually realise just how uncomfortable I was until I started wearing them. Was determined not to like them but they do help. I wear day and night with a couple of hours off to let my skin breathe.

Sore feet is an awful thing to have.

I think all the advice in previous posts is good. I find elevating my legs helps +++ when I sit down now I just automatically swing my legs up onto seat next to me even when I am out. I used to find it embarrassing but not now

Moisturise +++

I find my diet effects the size of my leg. Lymph system is the waste system for the body so ours are having to work harder than normal anyway so by eating lots of junk I feel more sluggish. And my leg is bigger. Not saying that I always follow this lol😳

I know you are really sore now and uncomfortable but when you get the stockings and in time you feel easier - walking (if you can) definitely helps - get the fluid moving. I had the wrap treatment last year which involved getting strapped up for a month and even then the lymph nurse told me I needed to walk for about 30mins a day

Shoes that lase up are best for me as they give more support. Although I struggle to get them on.

I have learned a lot from this post.

I didn't know lymphodema was classes as a disability - makes sense though

Good luck Bev

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Hi debi, hope that's your name, thanks for your reply. It all abit new to me just needed to no abit about it, I have never waxed my legs to painful ha ha your very brave I have a lady shaver what I bought years ago I just use that works ok for me as I don't go out much anyway as I have osteo & rheumaoid arthritis I'm on crutches and hypothyroidism also so I prefer to be in my little bubble of my home I go out if I need to go shopping or something or run into town on mobility scooter if weather is nice.

You say you wear your stockings day and night the nurse told me when I get mine fitted just to wear during the day, I have them at home but said I need some test on legs before I put them on they look quite nice tho full length one with lace tops.

I havnt wore shoes for years due to arthritis in feet so need something really comfy and now swelling but now with this a bit worried about catching feet when I'm out for infections.

Can't wait to get scan to find out wat my swollen abdo is as I'm to old to look 6 months pregnant lol, probs have to get some sort of stocking for there if it is lymphedema as well.

I didn't no it was a disability neither, they say you learn something new every day.

Thanks for your reply, bye for now.

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Hi, because your around my age what shoes do you wear, I only wear leggings I'm not a dress kind of woman lol.

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What do you do about cutting toe nails as I always end up with one toe bleeding getting right in the corners!!

Hello pleased to "meet" you.

I buy my shoes online from I find triple e shoes are still not wide enough but these do wider than that. They have a range of sandals,canvas shoes and boots ,before you wonder no I don't work there I'm just a happy customer.

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Hi, thanks for your reply I will have a look at all these sites I'm sure I will find something I like, how many pairs have you got ha ha a pair for each season eh.


I have lymphodema in my left leg, and wear a below-knee stocking, but a full length one when I am wearing a skirt or dress. The problem with the full-length stocking was that even though it has the tacky adhesive bit at the top it still slipped down. I mentioned this to the sister at the wonderful oedema clinic in Glasgow and she gave me skin glue. Absolutely wonderful. I now use it with the below knee stocking as well, so that it doesn't slip, roll and cut into my leg below the knee. It goes on like a roll-on deodorant, just a few spots of it here and there at the top limit of how far your stocking will go and it stays there all day. Improves the efficiency of the stocking as well. I can't recommend it enough and wish I had known about it before.

Re the shoes - have a look at Sandpiper shoes too. Some of their styles are not so elderly looking as some of the others on the market.

Always sit with your feet up, as someone else has suggested, and even raise the end of your bed a little. I put mine up on two bricks, but you can get special blocks. Look at Patterson Medical. Just watch out if it's a base that splits into two halves , in which case you might need to raise the lower part of your mattress only.

Good luck and I hope your firm diagnosis will help you get all the treatments you need.

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Hi Georgia, I will ask about skin glue next week when I go or I will buy some, I can't raise my bed cos with arthritis in back I can only get comfy sleeping sitting up with big pillows behind my back.

I also have trouble with shoes Bev and I use a firm called Cosyfeet who design shoes specifically for swollen feet. You need to use your imagination sometimes with their styles but I have to say it's good to wear shoes that are actually comfortable. For extra wide shoes go to JD Also search the internet they are out there. Good luck.

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Hi, thanks for that, I will get lymphedema nurse to measure my feet on Tuesday when I go to get stockings fitted then I will sort some footwear out.

I went into town tried a few different pairs of shoes on but no good so went into sports direct asked the girl for soft wide fitting running shoes she gave me some Nike, no good then reebok, no good then some called fabric running shoes they are wide fitting and ahh soon as I put feet in I knew they were the ones so soft and comfy, give them a try.

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