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Juzo adjustable lite compression system

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Hi Some advice desperately needed.

My Lymphoedema clinic has just changed my compression bandages from SIGVARIS compression system to the Juzo system as she felt they were better although at the beginning I remember having to wear them at night to get use to them and they were only lower leg for the first year. Then I was supplied with upper leg and knee. I have never worn the knee parts as I have severe arthritis and need to wear a specialist brace. The thigh wraps kept falling down no matter how tight I did them.

I got the juzo adjustable lite compression system on Friday and I have spent literally since then trying to get them to work the lower leg is fine as I am use to them and I was hoping to be able to wear my specialist brace over the knee wrap,which I can but I can't get the juzo knee wrap tight enough to hold up my brace. The thigh and the knee brace are a laugh I can't get any kind of compression from either, and as soon as I move they loosen even more. I also have the sensation of cramp in my thigh and hips which goes as soon as I take them off. Its a good job I am argrophobic.

Anyone have any advice on fitting them or tips on where I am going wrong are they supposed to be quite loose

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Sorry, I have never used these. But I wish you good luck. I wrap my leg at night when I have swelling problems. I think if it works an adjustable wrap might be more convenient. Good luck!

You need to contact your clinic - they need to check how you are applying them - plus, take the knee brace with you.

She's probably done you a favour, The Sigvaris one is a rebranded biacare one and quite old, and the ACS is state of the art and has the most features of any wrap available.


Just a quick update on the juzo system lower leg, foot, are fine and easy to put on thighs I am getting use to they still tend to fall down.

The knee wraps I have given up on and I will continue with my specialist knee braces, which the lymphoedema clinic have seen when they measured me for the juzo. I explained that I would have to wear them as I am unable to walk more than a dozen steps without them. Their reply was that they wanted me to stop wearing the knee braces without any knowledge of my muscle, ligament damage bone grafts which gave me the osteoarthritis and use the compression wraps which would give me enough support and if I didn't then I would have swelling in my knees. I already have this from the motorbike accident 35 years ago so it wasn't going to make to much difference. Not only that but I am not ready to live in my power chair yet.

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