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Swollen feet and use of Farrow wraps whilst not mobile


I had a fall at home recently and have broken 2/3 ribs so have been having great difficulty with putting my compression stocking and my farrow wraps on. I also haven't been as mobile as normal due too extreme pain. Now I have got family members to help with my stockings but they find it difficult to put the wraps on so just been wearing the stockings. however I have found that my legs and especially my feet are extremely swollen I have now taught my family how to put the wraps on properly but and worried that they are making my feet worse could this be because they are not on right or just because I'm.still not mobile. I wear lower limb stocking and wraps but don't wear wraps for the feet.

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The wraps may be too tight. Are you elevating your legs a lot?

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I'm trying to as much as possible but probably not enough. I managed to go for a little walk today around our local athletic track and my feet do feel less swollen but think I will try and loosen the wrap as that may be it too as I'm used to doing them myself it's hard to explain to someone how tight to pull them.

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