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Itchy spot

I had a itchy spot on leg and scratched top of til it was bleeding in my sleep a few days ago and it’s ok so does that mean I don’t have LD as I only have nurses say so no tests were done?

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Hi Bev - are you OK? Why do you think you may not have lymphoedema? It’s a good thing that a scratch did not turn into an infection. Has your clinic recommended tests to check the lymph movement in your legs?


Hi lynora, I’m fine. I do have puffy ankles and up to my knees are solid if I press it leaves an indentation and it doesn’t on my thighs they are soft and wobbly, would the nurses be able to tell just by looking at my legs. They havnt done anything apart from measure my leg measurements on each visit and order me compressions, but legs below knees are very tight especially round the foot and ankle and legs feel heavy xx


Most people have their lymphoedema diagnosed without tests. Every bit of damage to the skin does not cause cellulitis. What does and doesn't cause an outbreak of cellulitis is often a bit if a mystery.

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Ok, thanks for your reply Ann bury. Just wish full thinking.


If your little ole ankles are feeling tight and puffy Bev it is fluid. Rest those feet/legs and make sure they are higher than your heart, failing that lie down as flat as possible (no pillows). Then if there is no cellulitis and make sure there is'nt, wear them compressions you have, and from the time your feet touch the floor in the morning until you take them off at bedtime. You can get special leg protectors for when you bath/shower.

Hope you do not have cellulitis after scratching, has one of your girls been curled up with you?

Take care.........xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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