Hi all i have had what the doctors are calling grumbling cellulites for 7 month now. I have been on so many antibiotics and nothing seems to get rid of it. I am so down and depressed because its stopped me doing so many things.

I feel like the hospital and doctors just throw antibiotics at me and say come back in 2 weeks. I just wish it would go.

I am now on 8000mg antibiotics a day and have been on them 2 month now but its still there. Just want it to go away now feel so down and depressed because of it all.

Has anyone got any advice that might help me please.


Jean xxxx

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  • What sort of Lymphoedema do you have? Which hospital are you being treated at?

  • I have it in my legs hun and I am being treated at the royal teaching hospital derby x

  • Is Vaughn Keeley involved with your care?

  • No i am just seeing Dr lewis xx

  • I think she works with Vaughan - have you been on IV anti-biotics? Do you have wounds on your legs?

  • My legs a right bloody mess has been since October, I've been on & off flucloxacillen & Amoxcillen for months. My legs doubled in size & causes extreme pain when I walk on it. Wish I had some answers I really do. My legs have slough and weeping sores, but as yet I'm still being treated y the GP . Are there specialist Consultants in this field?

  • I know how your feeling. Do u have Lymphoedema too hun? X

  • Yes & its very nasty @ the present

  • Do you go to the Lymphoedema clinic as they are the ones that are trying to help me at the mo. They have put me on very strong antibiotics and i have wraps too that i have to put on both legs at the mo. X

  • Had cellulitis when we were in Berlin a few years ago and had to have antibiotics. Legs always prone to swelling. Over the last 4 years have had 3 operations (including a mastectomy). When all those cleared my legs started to itch terribly and I developed horrible green sores on swollen legs. Surgery insisted I had to be treated there for 12 weeks before I could apply for leg clinic. Waste of time. They spent a fortune on dressings and time but legs terribly painful and swollen. Went to leg clinic eventually and within two weeks of wrappings the swelling was right down. I had then to wait for the skin to grow back on my legs but the staff were marvellous. Now wear non-allergic compression stockings EVERY day and apart from still itching, though not as bad as before, and using creams every morning and night on my legs, my legs are marvellous. Walk and exercise for an hour, then rest and raise legs for an hour and keep repeating and I am gradually getting back to near normal. I have seen private clinics advertised but don't know if they are any good. The leg clinic just use warm water (nothing in it) to wash the legs, gently dab dry with paper towel and then triple wrap to begin with. I dreaded going but such comfort. This is in UK.

  • Hi Jean sorry to hear you are suffering I have been lucky enough never to have experienced cellulitis but do know that it causes terrible pain and discomfort. I so hope your Doctor finds a way to get you well.Take care of yourself ,sorry I can't be more helpful x linda

  • Oh hun you are very lucky then as the pain is so bad some days all i do is cry.

    It don't help when you have got depression too. I don't go out the house only to hospital and back when i have appointments. I feel so alone because of this cellulites.

    You take care too hun xxx

  • Hi Jean,I am so sorry to hear what you are going through.Many people on here with lymphedema including myself ,went through having cellulitis also and its no joke ,its painful ,uncomfortable,and smells,but don't give up it can be cured.When I got it I was treated by the nurse in the treatment room of my gp's practice.my legs were washed three times a week by the nurse ,in warm sudsy water,then dried off and smeered with fucibet cream then bandaged and covered with a fresh stocking.For the days I didn't see the nurse I done the very same procedure at home,it didnt take long before they cleared ,and for the pain I was taking co codomol.I hope this helps a bit for you the most important thing is to keep your legs clean as you can for as long as you can,best of luck Jean.......Larry ( Galtyboi)

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