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Fancy stocking question

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Does anyone know where I can get Class 2 compression stockings from with fancy patterns on them? I don't mind what colour/pattern - just fancy some bold ones for a change! I did see somewhere some that were black with purple paisley patterns on but can't think where I saw them. I realise I won't be able to get them on prescription (shame though!). I do sometimes wear my 'skin-coloured' ones with black patterned tights over the top but I'd prefer not to wear two lots when one pair would do

7 Replies
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Ive just got a bright pink one from mediven, class 2.

I wear the fancy leggings over mine in the Winter....

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Have a look at or talk to your clinic - there are lors of products available now.

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again look at the daylong site, ive got some JOBST class 2 below knee in navy which is a shame, they do many brands on there, good luck, it does get boring with the same thing.

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i meant which is a change not shame!!!

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Kelmisty - did you post a pic up on FB of your funky stockings? If so, I may have seen them you lucky so and so! Did you get them on precription?

I am currently using class 2 made to measure stockings but occasional use of 'off the shelf' compression stockings of the same class wouldn't hurt too much would they?

I know a company online sells funky arm sleeves and gloves - it's just a shame they can't do tights/stockings too :-(

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Bluedolffin in reply to jinger

oh yeah, which company online is that,please?

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