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LVA in the Baltimore area?

I am having a consultation for LVA in late March; have any of you had this done in the Baltimore area at Johns Hopkins, or if you are in the US, would you be willing to discuss the procedure and outcome by phone? My lymphedema is in the left foot and leg, and I had a total knee replacement in that leg in September. Thank you.

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There are a small number of people from the US on this site - it’s predominantly accessed by UK residents. You could try the National Lymphedema Network ( or the patient led site


Did you ever get any feedback? Have you decided to talk to or move forward with them? I’m interested in what they can do to help my son.



I just read your post from several months ago. I live in southern PA near the De border and I am very familiar with the Baltimore area. (My daughter lives west of there and I visit her a few times a year). I also, have lymphedema in my left leg as a result of radiation 8 years ago, even though the lymphedema did not develop until 1 and a half years ago! I want to get in touch as we could share info on U.S. information. I am only writing a short note for now, but I did not want to lose your contact info. Will write more later. Hope to hear from you.



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