Big toe red and swollen not infected - anybody help?


Has anyone experienced a swollen big toe with

Lymohodema ( primary both legs)

We've seen a podiatrist who says it's not an infection or an in growing toenail.

We have a Lymohodema nurse who has not

seen it before. Has anyone experienced it?

It seems to be getting crosser every day and

looks like a German sausage.its not hot or even

warm and isn't cellulitis

Cheers and thanks for any help available

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Is the joint at the base swollen and red too? Could it be gout?


I was told at the ER room it could be Gout but a blood test said No I also had a swollen hand. Afriend of mine told me to get some magnisium and a meatless diet and go Alkaline on the food and it helped. I also stopped taking Tramadol the pain medication just in case. As i have naturopathy it could have been connected to that but Dr's are no help you really have to dothe research yourself. Have also been eating cherries..


goodtimes - do you mean neuropathy rather than naturopathy? I have heard great things about magnesium, but have not heard about going 'meatless'.


when my condition was diagnosed my big toes especially were like sausages!!!.. It took a long time to go whilst the rest was initially treated, they didn't bandage my toes. They were red and swollen because of the pressure, I even had lymphedema fluid coming out under the nails so I nealrly lost my nails but eventually all settled down, if it gets more painful they should check out and rule out other conditions.


Thank you to those kind people who replied to

my problem with swollen toes. My mother saw

a chiropodist who cut back a fungus infected

toenail ( 1 in 10 of us have these harmless

infections apparently) but not so harmless if you have LD. We're also getting rid of the vestiges of Athletes Foot with daily treatment

for at least 10 days - Cannestan says one month!! and finally if it's LD why not move the

tie around a bit? So with all this TLC a big toe

that looked as if it was about to pop is going

back to normal.



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