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Lymphedema 😞😒😠

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Hello everyone

I'm new to this page,I've been searching for a while to find a site like this that offers people with Lymphedema help and support. I was diagnosed almost five years ago,after constantly fighting with various GPs that both my legs and feet swelling wasn't due to weight gain,but something else was wrong.

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What did they diagnose? Do you attend a Lymphoedema clinic for compression?

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Applekenke172 in reply to Lynora

Sorry I've been diagnosed with Primary Lymphoedema. I keep leaving out the 'o'.

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maryiwright in reply to Applekenke172

Don't worry too much about spelling. Americans never put the o in.

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You are right we Americans don't. I think it is because here whenever we see anything posted about it there is no 'o'.

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Hi, and welcome to the gang applekenke172 you will get all the help and support you need on here wat a lovely friendly bunch they are, always ready to answer your questions and help solve any problems you have πŸ˜ƒ

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Applekenke172 in reply to Bev-1966

Thanks for the welcome Bev-1966.

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Are you under the care of a clinic and wearing compression?

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At present I am under the care of the Vascular Department and I'm presently wearing Grade 4 compression socks that start from my feet to the top of each thigh. My right side is a lot larger than my left side.

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Hi, i am Linda,I have secondary lymphoedema in R leg now well controlled following lyposuction 5 months ago,and I am so lucky to have a fantastic support team at my local hospice.Hope you are not suffering. too much and now diagnosed get the help you need also xxx

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Welcome to this great forum x

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Hi applekenke

I have bilateral lower extremity primary LE (toes to groin) that was initially diagnosed by the Vascular surgeon I was under. I'm sorry to hear of your diagnosis as it's can be challenging to live with - there are excellent closed groups (for support and inspiration) on Facebook, in addition to this and some other LE web pages

I urge you to ask your GP, or self-refer to your local LE clinic for proper garment fitting. You were undoubtably put into circular knit garments by your Vascular consultant, as they aren't qualified or knowledgeable about flat-knit compression garments which are specially designed for LE limbs. They are bespoke garments and provide more active compression than circular knit garments. Circular knit (which are thinner and stretchier than flat-knit) are garments designed for venous problems in the limb. It's important a LE specialist nurse assesses what your compression needs are and fits you for bespoke garments if they would be optimal for your legs in order to help slow disease progression. If you don't have a loval clinic then you could look for a private MLD therapist who fits garments - qualified therapists can be sourced from MLDUK website x

I feel your pain. My primary physician is great but everytime I see any other type of physician they think it is a weight loss issue and dismiss me.

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