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Acupuncture and lymphedema

Hi everybody, it's been interesting reading how everybody deals with this very frustrating condition we all suffer from. I like everyone else have been do I g all the massage and moisturizing and indeed this is an on going thing, however, on a visit to my acupuncturist a few weeks ago for some needles in my back I was showing her my legs she immediately put just 3 needles in my each of my legs and said that will help an by billyio it did. For about 4 days there was minimum pain and irritation and far less swelling thus making life a lot easier. Oh and my back is good too. I must state however this lady is Chinese trained and that it suits me and helps me to cope but I just thought I'd share it.

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Really glad to hear this re acupuncture I am currently studying Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Just started and it's three years.

Have you tried reflexology - the lymph drainage technique on me works wonders.

It's been far more successful than the massage as the results are longer lasting, less invasive and less time consuming.


Dear rosequartzdreamer (love the name!)

Thank you for your very interesting and hope filled post.

I would love to try acupuncture as I believe it can help the body in ways we still do not understand. However, I do worry that any needles in my affected leg would increase the risk of infection. I would be interested to know whether any special precautions were used to avoid this when you had your acupuncture and if anyone else has an experience of acupuncture in affected limbs before I take the plunge!


my concern is the needles as based on research on lymphedema can make it worse

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This is really interesting as is the post about reflexology. The issue is that NHS in general is rather dismissive of 'alternative' approaches, although some Boards take a more enlightened approach.


Hey everyone, long time sufferer here.. started using Acupuncture for my Lymphoedema in 2006, and ten years on, I still find it beneficial. I've had treatments where during the treatment the leg would just suck itself in in points, and areas of the swollen leg. Sometimes staying sucked in after the treatment too.

My Acupuncturist doesn't needle the affected area directly but needles other areas that are related or connected like opposite leg or hands/arms.. been the one treatment I've had consistent results with over ten years, helped with following a lectin free diet, and taking regular supplements..


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