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Stocking rucking up behind knee

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Hi,I've been reading post on here and finding it helpful, also making me realise that my symptoms could be much worse, this is my first post. I have lymphoedema in left leg following removal of lymph nodes in my groin during surgery for womb cancer. I already had some difficulty in walking as I have osteo-arthritis in my right hip and a bit in right knee, also right leg is noticeably shorter than left. Only had compression stocking for about a week and that plus a few exercises and massage are making a difference (plus slightly cooler weather). However, I am finding that the stocking keeps rucking up behind my knee and feeling uncomfortable there. Does anyone else get this and have you found a solution?

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Talk to your supplier - a silk pad can be stitched in to a garment to help prevent this - also, you may have lost volume so might need a smaller version.

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thank you, i'll look into that

Is the stocking circular knit (like pantyhose fabric/construction) or flat knit (Seam up the back)? Is your leg an average shape? Some garments gather at the knee crease because of poor fit or lots of movement, or fabric... do you carry rubber gloves with you, so that you can readjust throughout the day? If you can, go back to person who gave you the garments, for review and trouble shooting. Or phone them.

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Its custom made circular knit, the nurse measured about every 2 inches up my leg before ordering. I do now have rubber gloves but it's difficult to keep adjusting the stocking when I'm wearing trousers. The nurse is away at the moment, I will have to try to ring her when she gets back. I have swelling mostly in the thigh, ankle and foot. I think the swelling may have gone down quite a bit since I started wearing the stocking.

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Hi there, not sure if my answer is relevant. But I suffer from this problem, it feels like someone cutting my leg with a rusty knife. I find long eto pants seem to help, they have to go at least down to your knee to help. The added layer prevents the compression garments from rolling down. This helps if you're driving for a long time or like me like to go trampolining or do a bit of exercise.

Another option is to go for full length compression garments, ones that go up to your waist and have a belt like fastener. That way they won't roll down.

Another option is to use body glue like Klebi Skin Adhesive, something I don't particularly like. I wear two layers of compression so this does not help me but it may help you...

Good luck and let us know how you get on..

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I have the same problem. I have the compression stockings that have a seam at the back and they crash at back of knee as the day goes on. I told them at the clinic and when being measured they made it slightly tighter above the knee and gave me glue to help. It has to a certain degree but not comfortable and sometimes I rip off the stockings to let my legs breathe. Hot weather doesn't help either

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What you may need is a bespoke flat knit stocking with a smooth top. Bespoke garments are carefully measured by your nurse and supplied by the NHS. The prescription process can be a faff, but worth persevering.

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Keep a spray gun loaded with water handy on hot weather - spray the limbs you wear the garments and through evaporation your limbs will feel so cool. Repeat as necessary.

This is possibly the best tip I've been given about how to deal with hot weather.

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