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Lower Limbs

I have suffered from lymphedema for a very long time, I spent 18months going backwards and forward to various places to try and find the cause of this problem. eventually I was sent to a hospital in London went through lots of tests an eventually saw the top professor in the country who looked at the notes and promptly told me I had to loose weight and there was nothing wrong with me. Yes I am overweight for my size but only by about 2 stone I am not obese. I was very disappointed with the outcome as I thought by seeing him I would at least have a positive answer, I was given support knee highs which I find extremely uncomfortable and told to go away. I would now like to try and persue this avenue again and perhaps find a more positive outcome.

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What sort of scans did Professor Mortimer assess? Seems an unusual response from him.


It is known excess weight puts pressure on lymphatics, it may be worth trying to loose the weight and see what happens?

If you saw professor Mortimer, he's a very kind man. But if he has said you don't have Lymphoedema I would say it's highly likely you don't have it.


There is no cure for Lymphedema so you just have to find a way that you can manage the disease yourself. It is a hard long struggle but weight control and leg elevation helps to keep the swelling down. If you are struggling with your weight see your GP


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