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2 yrs ago i was told by the nurse at local g p i had ld and cronic venous insufficiency went to the local clinic got compression socks but the problem im having now is when i wake up in the morning i cant put any weight on my feet the pain is terrible numbe feet also had a couple of falls as i cant seem to lift my feet when i walk as i used to the local dr is not very helpful had a leg ulcer last yr my god the pain was worse than child birth (yes really i have two) it took months of dressings and antibiotics now when i go with leg pain and walking problems they just look at my legs and nod and say its Ld i have lost all faith

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  • Can you see a different doctor in the practice? You need to get the numbness in your feet investigated, especially because of the previous history of ulceration. Are you diabetic? Were you referred to a lymphoedema clinic? If not - you should be - the compression socks, if not designed for lymphoedema, may be inappropriate.

  • Talk to the Lymphoedema Support Network lymphoedema.org. As well as having information on their website they have a telephone help line (details on their website). They can give you advice as well as information you can take to your doctors.

  • Hi Trudielee, Can you see a new doctor? Or find a physiotherapist who understands lymphoedema and also falls? Sounds like you have nerve trouble with your legs (pain, weakness) - this could be from nerve issues in the legs or spine, or circulation. Unfortunately, some medical/allied health staff just look at one problem at a time. You need to find someone who can do a thorough assessment of your needs - maybe a team approach. How young/old are you? Find a new doctor (well, if I was you, I would). Lymphoedema does not cause leg weakness - but it can cause falls if you are elderly and the swelling is limiting the movement in your joints. I'm a physio - I once saw a lady who had trouble walking - it was obvious to me that the swelling in her ankles was restricting her walking/balance. She did much better once the swelling was addressed.

  • Thank you for the reply Chocolate-e-clare i am 52 yrs old i have lost movement in my left foot due to swelling yes i agree i am going to go back to dr and ask for a assessment wish me luck ill be posting back if i have any joy / answers .

  • As vascular surgeon ,you need to do investigation like duplex ultrasound on your leg to assess venous system

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